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Troubleshooting Overview

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Project Open ESB Starter Kit, available from Java Platform, Enterprise
Edition 5 (Java EE 5) SDK Update 1, provides a JBI runtime with Business
Process Execution Language (BPEL) support. For additional information on
Open ESB Starter Kit, including links to documentation and download bundles,
refer to Open ESB Starter Kit At A Glance.  This Troubleshooting Guide is
based on the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9
Troubleshooting Guide, but contains information specific to Open ESB Starter
Kit. When troubleshooting Open ESB Starter Kit, you might want to first
refer to the Application Server Troubleshooting Guide to see if that manual
provides a solution to your problem. As you experiment with Open ESB Starter
Kit and the JBI runtime, there might be times when you need to revert the
Application Server to a previously saved working configuration. Use the
backup-domain option to the asadmin command to take “snapshots” of your
server configuration.

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