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Paul Perez
Hello All

Recently we reset parameters for OpenESB project. For technical reasons OpenESB code was not analysed during few quarters. New Analysis results are interesting and demonstrate the great effort made by the teams to design and develop OpenESB and the sophistication of the product.
We are happy to share this information with you in this short email.

OpenESB analysis

Activity state                           High activity
Line of code                           7,234,121
Year of effort                   2182 years
Development activity           Stable Y-O-Y

Comment: Over the last twelve months, OpenESB has not seen any change in activity. This may be a good sign, and an indication that development is continuing at the same pace and not dropping off.
Comparison with our loving competitors

Product                  Lines of code                   Year of effort
Mule                  1,997,018                           568 years
OpenESB          7,234,121                           2182 years
Petals                  774,711                           210 years
WSO2                  6,600,032                           1977 years

Thank you for your feedback

Reference: The best services on OpenESB