OpenESB Standalone, hl7bc and derby journal pool error

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OpenESB Standalone, hl7bc and derby journal pool error

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I try to use the journaling function of the HL7 binding component but I'm facing an issue with the derby database connections.

When receiving an HL7 message, HL7 binding component is putting this message in the derby schema HL7BC_SCHEMA, table JOURNALHL7MESSAGELOG. But when sending more than n messages (n equals to pool maxActive property), journaling fails because no more active connection. Error message is not clear but I understood that error was linked to the pool setup by playing with this setup.

I don't know why the HL7BC component does not close the connection. Perhaps it's a pooling "bug" or not compatible with Open ESB Standalone ?

Thanks if you have an idea in order to allow me to use HL7BC journal in derby db.