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OpenESB Standalone V 3 Available

Paul Perez
Hello All

For many months, the community did not give news about OpenESB. Many of us had strong constraints and we were short on time, we worked hard on a new edition named OpenESB Standalone Edition. This edition marks a new step in OpenESB use. Running without any container, OpenESB SE needs a simple JVM and less than 200 Mo to run in a light configuration.

Unlike to the OE legacy editions, OE-SE fits perfectly with the new architectures such as virtualisation and cloud. Users don’t require additional Glassfish skills any more to deploy a platform of services. OE-SE can be easily deployed in light container (ex: Docker) and runs swiftly in a multi-instance mode. Except for features directly linked with Glassfish application server, OpenESB Standalone is backward compatible with the previous legacy versions.

At the same time, we prepared a new edition for Glassfish which will run on Glassfish 4.x and be compatible with the legacy versions. This edition is planned to be issued in 15Q2.  Both editions required a lot of efforts for each one of us. We would like to thank David, Vishnu, Prabhu, Fred, Paul, Nicolas, Yoram and many others for the work they have produced. Thanks to Logicoy and Pymma for their unswerving support. We are happy and proud to release these new editions for OpenESB: the best integration tool on the open source landscape.

OpenESB Standalone Edition V3 can be downloaded here: 

OE-SE Documentation will be available in few days

OpenESB newsletter March 2015 can be downloaded here: 

Thank you for your support and your feedback The best services on OpenESB