Grizzly configuration under Openesb 2.3.1

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Grizzly configuration under Openesb 2.3.1

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Good day to everyone!

I know Openesb 2.3.1 and glassfish out of date, but I have no other options.
So if someone will help me I'll appreciate it.

We have a problem in our environment Glassfish often downs with error
"Maximum connections queued reached (max-pending-count) 4096. Dropping
requests until queued connections have been freed up.", and no other errors
appeard in log. So when I try to increase max-pending-count under "glassfish
admin console -> Configuration -> http service -> Connection pool ->
max-pending-count" it doesn't affect it, and I keep recieving error that
says that my limit is 4096, when it's acutally not, I guess there's other
option to configure grizzly environment, so how can I configure that?

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