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Alexander Fung
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Alexander Fung
Sun's Open ESB Community (http://open-esb.org)

Hi Trond,

Yes, this was an oversight.  We will be adding back the SQL Project to
the OpenESB installer.  It should be in the next build.

Just to give some more background.  We will be sending out a more formal
notice in a little bit, but for OpenESB, we want to leave the SQL SE and
SQL Module for a while until we have a definitive strategy for migration
to the DB BC.  At this point, the steps are manual.

The projects utilizing JDBC BC already work seamlessly with DB BC.  In
fact DB BC starts as the JDBC BC, using the same codebase, and we
started putting in the SQL SE features.  The goal was to add in the DB
BC, while keeping the design-time tooling and artifacts exactly the same
as JDBC BC.  So in that sense, JDBC BC has already been deprecated,
although we leave it there for some folks that don't want to rebuild
their service assemblies.


Trond Strømme wrote:

> Hi there.
> What happened to the SQL projects in the 20080903 bundle builld?
> I've just downloaded and installed the bundle, on attempting to import a
> project built using the sql module i receive (from the open project
> dialog) in the "Project Name:" field "<unrecognized project; missing
> plug-in?>"
> Going to
> http://download.java.net/jbi/binaries/open-esb-full-install/nbm/latest/ 
> (which at the top of the page indicates that is for 090903 there is no
> longer any sql-project nbm plug-in
> The "new project" wizard does not contain anything that resembles a
> SQLModule.
> I'm aware that the SQLSE and JDBCBC would merge into one project.
> trond strømme
> Sun Microsystems Norway
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Alexander Fung
Sun's Open ESB Community (http://open-esb.org)

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