Call Util Web Service from Main WS in Composite Application

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Call Util Web Service from Main WS in Composite Application

rajan jain

We have a web service currently written as EJB service in Netbeans, which takes client's request, reads some info from Db and then returns response to client.
Now we want to migrate this EJB WS to OpenESB in 2 steps:
1. Expose the current EJB webservice with BPEL interface.
2. Replace the module within EJB service which reads from DB with another web service and use NMR to make the call to this utility webservice.
I have been able to accomplish 1st requirement. But I need to know how to write Composite application such that Main service calls Util service using NMR.

When I add both Main and util WS jar files to same Comp App, it creates 2 SOAP end points. There is no connection directly between Main WS and Util WS but instead Connection goes out from Main WS to 2nd SOAP end point and another connection goes out from 2nd SOAP end point to Util Service.. I should have direct connection between Main WS and Util WS.. So can you please recomment what am I doing wrong here.

This is what I did,
1. Create Main Web Service using Java code (Bottom-Up).
2. Create Util WS using Java Code (Bottom-Up)
3. called Util WS from Main WS normally, tested it worked fine.
4. Create Composite app, copy over WSDL from Util Service and Main WS, to process files folder of Comp App
5. Added JBI modules for Main WS and Util Service.
6. Build Comp App

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