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Hi There!

I have a question about an architecture solution.

I have a System #A and a system #B, between #A and #B tehere is the OSB. OSB will be connect the
#A and #B and if neccesary transform the #A data structure to #B data structure.

#A collect  the data chenging in Database (for selected tables) into a queue table.
This table contains a field (a string column) about changed data in XML format.
OSB periodically read the queue table from #A (over WebService), in one queue item (in one row)
has the sendeable business data in XML in CDATA format!

OSB open the CDATA transform the #A data structure to #B data structure then package the new data structure to CDATA and
invoke the system #B for accept the new data and store in #B side then syste m#B will be parse the new data.

The system #A have to collect the changed data into one table cell and the OSB read the queue table row by row. What's the better format to store the changed business data into one cell? Instead of CDATA?
And how can use this stored format in OSB?

for ex. the queue reader webmethod response:
<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
      <GetEventsResponse xmlns="">
         <GetEventsResult xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">
<![CDATA[<egy:Egysegek xmlns:egy="" xmlns:soapenv=""><egy:Feek>aas</egy:Feek><egy:Fnev1>bfggfhgf</egy:Fnev1></egy:Egysegek>]]>

I have to use the XML tag with CDATA content.

Thanks in advance.